He dance to the song.

This story was from one Saturday night where everyone else back home...

I ran into the one who shared so many passions for organizing and directing as Much as I am, old-version-of-me-connections, named Akar (by my choice).

Hello, Kar!
This one's for you.

To whom I write so many times before, but this is the first time I write a story about Akar.
We're that kind of old fashioned friendship, who care so much about basic questions and answers. Like,
What's your favorite meal?
Favorite movies?
..and the list goes on.

For us, sometimes people missed little things that actually are matters.

He played Come on Eileen, stood up, and do some little move, looked happy with the song he chose.. which I can only imagined happened in some movie' scene.

And after some moments.. He look out the city landscape through the abounded balcony, that I barely went to, and something loud was heard all around the city. A song. One song that God only knows how they can diffuse it loudly and make the night became more novelties.

"I'll make a scene out of this night."

As I buried it deep in my thoughts.

Since then,
I never find peace in that balcony as I do now.

Cheers for the future,
and a better writer.

(April 2017)

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